hi pals

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my sister is gonna be more popular here than me

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simon why

simon why

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Anonymous inquired:



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New Storms For Older Lovers
by La Dispute on Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega And Altair
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Always is always and always is valueless,
I wish I’d never heard her speak a word.

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Great, ‘cause all I have is Dawson and Max otherwise, so they’d have a wardrobe full of suits or loads of Star Wars themed t-shirts. Everytime I see her she looks adorable, so I’d say you’ve done a good job. Don’t some dads get sympathy pains or whatever? Just start clutching your tummy in Chemistry or whatever and say that you think your sympathy pains are coming a couple years too late. The worrying must be awful though; we get the pain but at least we know what’s happening. My midwife asked me if she could speak to me privately the other day and then went on to ask if I was sure I wanted Leo in the room when I gave birth, as if it wasn’t his right as the dad or something.


Dear God, I feel sorry for Dawson’s kids, especially if he has a girl. Isn’t Max expecting, though? You’re gonna be like.. a sister parent. Weird. See, I didn’t get many sympathy pains, more just crippling worrying every second of every day, it sucked. Fuck that, dude, he has every right to be there. I was there, I saw some shit, I survived, even if the relationship didn’t.

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